Intro to AVOSS

Post apocalyptic settings depict survival amongst the ruins left after catastrophe has ended the world as we know it.  Popular examples include Fallout, Stalker, and Metro 2033 amongst many others.

Live Action Role Play (LARP) is a hobby in which players play the roles of characters in a narrative world defined by a setting and in which game rules provide guidance to resolve conflict like a mix of improvisational theatre, children’s make believe games and Dungeons and Dragons.

Avoss LARP tells the story of a settlement in a post apocalyptic Ukraine.  Participants can play residents of Avoss, portraying a single character for the duration of the game, day and night, with an emphasis on an immersive roleplaying experience. 

A player could instead represent one or more elements of the world outside the settlement: from other human survivors, raiders, traders and refugees, to humanoid monsters such as mindless radiation  zombies or mutated lizard folk, or even the adapted animals of the wilderness.