What You Need

Residents of Avoss are in play from the beginning of the game Friday through to the end of the game on Sunday.  It is important to bring clothing appropriate to weather expected.  Changes of clothes, especially underclothes, and multiple layers along with good, sturdy footwear is important and spare socks highly recommended.  NPC players can schedule themselves breaks to go home to change, sleep or simply rest so may not need as much gear.  They may end up with more though, depending on what character types they have dreamed up to represent over the weekend.

Your costume should be appropriate to your character/s and the setting while also being functional to wear comfortably over a weekend.  Remember that this is a post-apocalyptic game so try to weather your clothing and accessories appropriately. Extra accessories that may allow you to create a different character should your original die is not a bad idea.

For crafters we encourage bringing appropriate projects of your own to work on during crafting.  There will be tools and some materials provided for this purpose as well.

Sleeping arrangements will vary and it is important to consider this early to ensure you have appropriate blankets, swags and perhaps tents to be able to be comfortable.  Regardless of character there will be available sleeping space for every player at the game.  Some of this may be camping sites but there will not be out of character sleeping areas for PC residents of Avoss (even though people are considered out of character when actually asleep).

Food for two meals a day will be provided, along with water and cordial, other snacks and drinks will need to be brought with you and we encourage the use of nutritious snacks that do not require much preparation.  Where possible PCs should try to make any snack food setting appropriate.  A water container that can be carried in character is a very good idea.  Bottled water is discouraged on site.  Alcohol is allowed but not supplied and must be consumed responsibly.

Remember toiletries and at least one towel.  Deodorant is much appreciated as much of the game will be in close quarters.  There are showers available but experience tells us some people get too busy for such things at LARP so at the least bring something to minimise the damage to others.

Lockers are available in the game area and if you have anything you want to lock away bring a padlock for the locker.

There will be areas where phones can be charged but as these devices are NOT in character please use them only when absolutely necessary and avoid ruining immersion. Smokers should ensure that they pay attention during the briefing about non-smoking areas and must carry a personal butt disposal tin or similar for any litter.

Illicit drugs are not welcome.