The Unaligned

Some residents of Avoss are not members of the organised factions. Most are relatively new arrivals who have not found a place for themselves.  Others however may have actively rejected the factions, or may have set their heart to one but either been rejected or not yet accepted.

The unaligned make themselves valuable to the community through dangerous scavenging work, tedious manual labour and guard duty.  They know that no settlement can welcome the useless and with no clear factional ties they also know there is less leeway for them so they work hard to be needed.

The unaligned sleep either in the shallower sections of the tunnel that leads to the bunker or in tents and makeshift buildings in whatever unoccupied space can be found protected by the Fence. 

Some would stay for in Avoss for long periods of time as members of the ‘forth group’. Eager to avoid the squabbles of various factions of the town and still remain flexible enough to survive in the dangerous post-apocalyptic world. More often than not they fail to be either uninvolved or flexible, always being needed to keep the peace and reliant on the town for survival.

There is always a debate about whether to allow the unaligned to stay in Avoss.  Resources, morality, compassion, pragmatism.  All play a part and it is hard to know which way the debate will decide for any member of the unaligned.  The thought often weighs heavily.

When a decision is made those welcomed to stay rejoice.

The others… Avoss is a miracle.  Few are willing to leave that behind.  Some outcasts do not go quietly into the night.