The Tankers

The ‘Tankers’ are a collective of professionals dedicated to a unified philosophy  of knowledge collection and collation. It is the beliefs of the Tankers (colloquial shorthand for their formal name ‘Think Tank for the New World’) that humanity is defined and sustained by the knowledge that they have gathered and attained. As such it is the duty of the Tankers to collect and interpret the pre-collapse knowledge so that it is not lost to the rigors of time. Tankers then use this collected knowledge to help and improve the lives of others, whether it be through medicine, food preparation or the application of sciences, in order to bring about the dawn of a new golden age for mankind.

The most stalwart of the Tankers are those who believe that all pre-collapse knowledge is irreplaceable, and that only through the full and complete understanding of this knowledge can it be used to rebuild society. They do not condone the application of incomplete knowledge and abhor those who seek to fill the gaps themselves, they believe the past will define the future.
A preservative tanker might be a surgeon who refuses to try treatments he has not read about, and might believe that the correct treatment for a fever is the application of leeches, due to his reading being limited to texts about pre-collapse alternative medicines. A preservative Tanker still uses their knowledge to help develop mankind, but they are cautious and apply it only as it is understood.

Then there are the progressives of the Tankers, who believe that the knowledge of the past serves only as a foundation or stepping stone towards the knowledge of the future. They think that mankind will come together and recover best by creating new things, be it art, poetry

or contemplative works. To them mankind is its ability to look forward and think of new ideas.

A progressive tanker might believe the best way they can serve society is to create great works of art, they might perform dramatic readings of unfinished works of a pre-collapse poets where they encourage listeners to join in by filling the gaps. A progressive takes risks with their knowledge, striding forward to the future of mankind with confidence.