The Network

Others realised that while we used to adapt the environment to suit our needs, we now need to adapt. Settlement led to comfort, which led to complacency, which led to conflict. Those who roam realised the way was to return to a nomadic way, whether voluntarily or through being forced out of settlements,  The Network have formed a large, interconnected “family” of clans called companies. These companies may involve many groups of blood relations or loosely connected individuals who recognise that while settlement can lead to issues, cooperation is part of what makes humanity great.

The role of explorer, scavenger, hunter, cartographer and scientist all fall to the Networker. Hunting through the ruins of the past provides re-discovered knowledge, scarce equipment and resources and a connection with the wondrous past of the ancestors. Exploring the new environment and learning from it allows humanity to once again move forward.

A vast network of interconnected companies trade the most valuable resource to a Networker, information. Secret caches discovered, old poison left from the war moving through the land, new technologies re-discovered. Observation and education are key aspects to the The Network internet. A deer is seen drinking from one stream but not another? A good sign that the unchosen stream is poisoned, pass this observation into the internet in exchange for the knowledge that combining the bark of a certain tree in boiling water will relieve pain and thus the internet maintains a collective knowledge base.

Although  The Network’s language has evolved from business speak of prior centuries, each company is often structured similar to a family or clan with intimate personal connection between members. Roaming the new environment has it dangers and as such The Network are well versed in fighting and survival skills necessary to keep them, and their company, in the black. Roleplay ideas: tribal/clan/communal attitude, mistrust of the settled, environmentally conscious, lexicon of business terms applied to everyday situations for example synergy = cooperation, project/venture/opportunity = quest/mission Costume ideas: suitably salvaged/scavenged outdoors/survival gear mixed with business attire, such as neck ties/shirts/suits.