The Horde

Thousands were killed in the war by its terrible weapons. Many died instantly. Others were not so lucky. The toxins, the radiation, the harsh life they were forced into drove many insane where they did not die. Some banded together, forming packs of near mindless creatures. Generations passed and with each less and less humanity remained. Some sides in the war had experimented with genetic modification of people seeking superior soldiers. The horrors they created they released to spread panic amongst their enemies. Many were resistant to toxins and radiation. From these two lines come the creatures of the Horde. Humanoid monsters that roam the wilderness following wild and savage instincts.

Players who join the Horde are representing these monstrous descendants of humanity. The creatures should have distinct types depending on what the players decide and each type should have different behaviours and attributes that are able to be discovered, observed and afterwards should remain predictable. Creatures such as feral ghouls, super mutants, animal-human hybrids, orc-like monsters, trolls etc are all appropriate. They are not to be “redeemable”. The are monsters. The horde is a good place to be if you want to do lots of fighting, screaming, roaring and chasing.