The Guard

The newest faction of Avoss, The Guard, have positioned themselves to stand between the residents of the settlement and the dangers of the outside. Their dedication to reinforcing the wall between the pylons of the Fence and to guarding the gate lead to their being accepted by the other factions.

The Guard has continued to watch the wall during the prolonged siege by the Bratva which has stretched for 3 months. Winning respect for their endurance and dedication they have also caused some friction with new rules and conflict over just where their authority starts and ends.

The members of the guard are close to each other, with a camaraderie that has been born from endless long shifts watching the gates and walls. Despite their relative newness, they are already developing traditions amongst themselves.

The Guard present themselves as a paramilitary faction within Avoss, such as their position requires. They search those who would seek entry, but they also repulse the foes of the would-be paradise. This leads to them often being festooned with weapons, armour and souvenirs of near misses.

This military stance and their role as gatekeepers for the township creates friction between the Guard and the other factions. Every time a newcomer Guard stops a veteran Forger or an expert Networker the tension rises.

The Guard know the tenuous nature of their acceptance within Avoss and are desperate not to fail their Duty.

Plenty of questions still remain in the minds of both the guards and the townsfolk of Avoss. The Guard watches the gate, but will they start to police the inside of town? How much are they in it for their own skin? Or do these newcomers really believe in what Avoss could be?

These questions will only be answered with time, but its impossible to know if they will be answered with hope, orwith hate.