The Forgery

The Forgery stands as a pillar of sense and science. 
With the teachings of the great Mikhail Kanidis, the enlightened founder of the ‘Faith of the Mechanism’, the Forgery has managed to pull together and stand against the bedlam of the post-end world.

The ‘Faith of the Mechanism’ has taught those of the Forgery that machines are a living being, complete with a soul that needs nurture.  This essential knowledge, together with skilled hands, created a perfect synergy for survival.

When the troubles came to the new world of our creation it was not a moment for singular people to step forward, but a gathering of minds to come together and speak as one. Learn as one. Overcome as one. The Forgery are well suited for such a test and have used their faith to build the free and safe town of Avos as testimony.

The Forgery stands against the calamity of life beyond the towns perimeter sonic-fence.  It is nothing short of a beacon to those rational enough to come seeking sanctuary, giving back to humanity by using their expertise, knowledge and skill for the good of mankind.

With diverse knowledge in science and technical skills, each vitally important task is under the care of one gathering of people from the Forgery. 

The Deckites tend to DECKARD, the towns last functioning omni-printer, able to 3d print anything once schematics are discovered.

The Sparx tend to the colossal generator, The Hearth, that keeps the entire of Avos powered.

The Journalists ensure the efficient running of the town, skilfully checking and double checking vital information.

Lastly the Artificers; a wayward group who are yet to find their true place in the town.  Keen to invent new gadgetry, they seek their place in synergy.

Proficiency in the old ways and the new gives the Forgery the best chance to save humanity from a new world that seeks revenge for its past hubris.