The Force

Avoss is not the only settlement of humans, nor do all humans live in settlements. The Force represents the other humans of the world. Raiders, refugees, merchants, missionaries, settlers, adventurers and any other appropriate concept.

The Force is expected to represent the contact with the outside world for the settlement of Avos. Their characters may be significant threats, or perhaps potential allies and friends.

They face the same difficulties as anyone in this broken world and can play the role of demonstrating the dangers that humanity faces in the wild by falling victim to the predators of the Horde or the Den, to toxic environments or even other members of the Force.

Playing characters from the Force can expect a highly varied experience.  This is the NPC group most likely to engage in active interpersonal role play with the Players but they also include almost pure antagonistic characters whose interactions will be aggressive, abrupt and savage along with almost passive characters whose only role is to die demonstratively and to look good while doing it.