The Den

Animals care nothing for civilisation, and never have. They care only for the real things. Food, procreation, shelter, and comfort. The animal denizens of the broken world are much the same as those before in this regard. Some few remain much the same entire. Others have been changed in many ways by the new environment they dwell in. Many are a great danger to the humans who cling to survival and others highly valued for their meat, their hides and for other aspects of their biology. People have ever been hunters and users of others.

Players who choose to join the Den will work together to represent animals of all types in the lands. They can do this through many means, not all of which involve making animal costumes and attacking PCs unwary enough to spot you in the woods. Rather we would like those of the Den to create an animal fully and then seek to represent it in the game world through all kinds of ways. Animals of all sorts and sizes are allowed and we leave it to your imagination to determine the best way to bring the fauna, and perhaps occasionally the flora, of the world to life.