Quick Reference


Step 1. Design

Draw your design on the provided paper in the main crafting area. A higher quality design will result in a production requiring less resources and less time. However it will have less uses before fading.

Step 2. Production

Organise supplies and complete at least the minimum crafting time specified by the design. Show to Storyteller who will then remove a use from the design.

Missing Meals

Meals Missed Effect
1 Lose 1 Cool
2 Lose access to specialist skills
3 Lose 1 cool every hour.
4 Lose 1 hitpoint every hour.
5 Expire.

Environmental Danger

  • Level 1 – Green. This danger is more unsettling than actually dangerous. But it’s still pretty dangerous.  For every ten seconds in this space your character loses one cool. Every minute they lose one hitpoint.
  • Level 2 – Yellow. Ok this is getting messed up. Your character loses one cool and one hitpoint every ten seconds in this space or touching this object.
  • Level 3 – Orange. This is deadly. If your character spends more than 30 seconds in this space they are reduced to 0 Hitpoints and are considered bleeding out.


Standard Melee strikes / Elite Darts = 1 Damage

Heavy Melee Strikes / Rivals / Mega= 2 Damage

Armour Reduces all damage taken by 1 to a minimum of 0 for strikes that hit the armour.

Melee Strike Zones: Chest & Limbs

Ranged Strike Zones: Chest, Limbs and Head

0 Hitpoints= Wounded (only crawling, whispering and shouting occasionally for help.)

Wounded+additional damage = bleeding out.

Bleed out ends after two minutes with death.

Bleed out can be paused at a cost of 1 cool per minute.

Execution takes 5 seconds and must be performed on a wounded or bleeding out enemy.

Hitpoints is 1+skills.

Long Term Trauma

Number Rolled Long Term Trauma
1 Character has a complete and total recovery and is the stronger for it. They gain 1 additional maximum cool.
2 You develop a physical or verbal tic that helps your character maintain their equilibrium. Lose 1 permanent cool.
3 Develop a phobia based on how you lost your final point of cool. Lose 1 permanent cool.
4 Develop a phobia based on how you lost your final point of cool. Lose 1 permanent cool.
5 Develop a phobia based on how you lost your final point of cool. Lose 2 permanent cool.
6 The character falls back on a series of debilitating routines when under serious amounts of stress. These compulsions may not be dangerous but are likely interrupting and irritating. Lose 2 permanent cool.
7 Your character seeks stability through alcohol. Your character can only regain cool through alcohol. Lose 3 permanent cool.
8 Your character finds no rest from sleep either due to a lack of it or from chronic nightmares. You never regain cool overnight from sleeping. Lose 3 permanent cool.
9 The character suffers selective amnesia to protect themselves from harmful memories. You lose the use of a general skill. Lose 3 permanent cool.
10 The character becomes increasingly paranoid and sees enemies everywhere. Over time this worsens. The character begins to see everyone in their faction as enemies. Lose 4 permanent cool.
11 The character suffers a crisis of identity. Your previous life is horrifying to you. You lose access to your specialist skill. Lose 4 permanent cool.
12 The character is on a thin edge of sanity. Inform an ST and you will be given a instability deck. Draw from this deck hourly until you draw a ‘break’. This instantly reduces your cool to 0 and you suffer a mental breakdown. This does not cause you to suffer a risk of additional trauma. Lose 4 permanent Cool.


Standard Counseling:

5 Minutes per point. Patient/Counsellor ratio of 1/3

Extreme Counseling:

10 minutes per point. Patient/Counsellor ratio of 1/1

Surgical Complications Table

Number Rolled Result
1 A masterful piece of surgery. Remove five minutes from the overall required time and gain 2 cool.
2 You’re doing fine. Gain 1 cool.
3 A decent stitch, remove 5 minutes from the overall required time.
4 The surgery progresses, no effect.
5 The surgery progresses, no effect.
6 The surgery progresses, no effect.
7 The wound is worse than you expected, lose 1 cool.
8 The wound is far worse than you expected and you may have made it worse, lose 2 cool.
9 The wound is jagged and may contain some shrapnel, you slice your finger. Either extend the surgery by five minutes or take 1 damage.
10 The wound erupts in blood. The character takes no additional damage but is assumed to be bleeding out for the rest of the surgery.
11 Consult the Major Surgical Complications Table
12 Consult the Major Surgical Complications Table

Major Surgical Complications Table

Number Rolled Result
1 False alarm, carry on.
2 The character suffers from temporary paralysis from the waist down for d12 hours.
3 The character is blinded for d12 hours.
4 The character is shellshocked and suffers from amnesia, forgetting d12 hours.
5 The surgery requires the loss of a finger or toe.
6 Patient wakes during surgery and suffers from
7 Massive internal infections wrack their body. Total max hitpoints reduced by 1 permanently.
8 The character is horrifically disfigured, they character suffers numerous physical scars on their face or forearms.
9 The surgery discovers extensive optical nerve damage, the character loses an eye.
10 Shrapnel and scarring is far more extensive than previously estimated. A single limb becomes entirely unusable, either withered beyond all repair or amputated.
11 Through a series of cascading failures, they expire. Inform the player their character is about to die. You lose all cool once they have done so.
12 Complete and sudden brain death. Inform a storyteller.

Skills List

Barfly General  +1 Hitpoint

Bloodlust General  +1 Cool

Calm Specialist: +6 Cool General: +3 Cool

Chef de Apocalyptie Specialist  +1 Hitpoint +2 Cool

General-  +1 Hitpoint

Counsellor Specialist  +4 Cool

General +1Cool

Dedicated Worker  General  +1 Cool

Engineering Specialist:  +2 Cool +2 Hitpoint

General +1Hitpoint

Escape Artist General +1 Hitpoint

Extraction Specialist –  +3 Cool +1 Hitpoint.

Feral Specialist +4 Hitpoints.

Golden Child Specialist

Gone Hungry General – +1 Hitpoint

Helping Hand General +1 Cool

Hidden Strength General +1 Hitpoint

Intimidate General +1 Cool

 Iron Gut General +1 Hitpoint

Iron Will General  +1 Hitpoint

Lore Specialist  +3 Cool General  +1 Cool.

Masochist General  +1 Hitpoint

Pat Down General +1 Hitpoint

Pick Lock General +1 Cool

Pride In Your Work General +1 Hitpoint

Quick Learner Specialist  +2 Hitpoints +2 cool

Resilience Specialist: +6 Hitpoints

General:  +3 Hitpoints

Spiritual Specialist +1 Hitpoint +3 Cool

General +1 Cool

Slayer General  +1 Cool

Status (Faction) General

Networker  + 1 Cool

Tanker  +1 Hitpoint

Forger  +1 Hitpoint OR +1 Cool

Stone Cold General +1 Hitpoint.

Trauma Specialist-  +4 Cool

General +2 Cool

Traveller Specialist  +2 Hitpoints +2 Cool

General +1 Hitpoint

Unarmed FighterSpecialist- +3 Hitpoints +1 Cool

General- +1 Hitpoint

Unkillable Specialist +2 Hitpoints +2 Cool.
Well Supplied Specialist +2 Hitpoint +2 Cool
General +1 Hitpoint +1 Cool

Items and Cost
Starting Personal Gear: 15 Points

Alcohol (Poor Quality) –  Free (2 bottle max)
Alcohol (Medium Quality) – 1 Point per bottle
Alcohol (High Quality) – 2 Point per bottle
Armour –
3Points per piece

Ammo (Poor) – 1 Point for 3 Elite Darts

Ammo (Good) – 1 Point for 2 Rival/Mega round

Bag – 1 Point

Bandage – 2 Points

Bike- 5 Points
Blanket  – 1 Point

Book – 1 Point

Boots (protective) – 1 Point

Chemicals – 2 Points

Clean Surgery Tools – 6 Points

Dirty Surgery Tools – 3 Points

Electrical Scrap – 2 Points

Food (1 meal preserved) – 1 Point

Gun Cleaning Kit – 3 Points

Handcuffs – 2 Points

Heavy Clothes – 2 Points
High Caliber Simple Gun – 4 Points
High Caliber Complex Gun – 8 Points
High Caliber Military Gun – 15 Points

Low Caliber Simple Gun – 2 Points

Low Caliber  Complex Gun – 4 Points

Low Caliber Military Gun – 10 Points

Map – 4 Points

Mechanical Scrap – 2 Points

Mechanical Tools  – 3 Points

Medical Supplies – 5 Points

Pillow – 1 Point
Plant Parts – 2 Points

Protective Suit – 4 Points

Radiation Suit – 8 Points

Rebreather – 4 Points

Rope – 1 Point

Sleeping Bag – 1 Point

Tent – 3 Points

Torch (Wind up) – Free
Torch (low lumen electrical) – 1 Point
Torch (high lumen electrical) – 2 Point

Weapon (melee) Under 50cm – 2 Points

Weapon (melee) between 50cm and 100cm – 2 Points

Weapon (melee) longer than 100cm – 5 Points

Code of Conduct

Any LARP Event will have inherent dangers and it is in everyone’s best interests to minimise these risks as much as possible. The rules presented here supersede any other game rules and are in place ultimately to insure both personal and event safety.

Respect each other and yourself.

Illegal Substances and items will not be tolerated at any Avoss Event.

Any real-world prejudice and bullying, be it racial, sexual or otherwise will not be tolerated.

Any item to be used in combat must be approved by a Marshall. Any person wishing to engage in combat must also be cleared.

Non-Consensual Sexual content will not be tolerated, neither will explicit sexual content.

The Avoss team retains the ability to remove or decline entry to any person or item that does not meet the requirements set out by these or any other rules.

A Note on Cheating

This is a LARP game the focus of which is providing an immersive roleplaying experience. We are all here to tell stories together and for each other.

Cheating is not going to be actively policed.  It is shitty and it is covered by the “Don’t be a dick” rule already, but we are not going to be overly concerned unless your cheating impacts on the experience of others in a way that we feel is damaging.

Please don’t cheat, but please also do not seek to police your fellow players excessively.  Certainly do not stop play to do so.  If you are very concerned then find a time that is appropriate and will not further impact the experience of yourself and those around you and tell an organiser about what you are concerned about.

They will do what they feel is best for the experience we are all trying to have together.