PC Details

A Player Character (PC) is created by the person who will represent that character at the game. These PCs are part of the community of the settlement of Avos, and together they create the story of the town.

As a small community that relies on each other every PC can be an important part of the social fabric and is certainly an important part of the developing story of Avos. For this reason it is expected that, as far as is possible, a PC will be present for the entire game.

The community of Avos is defined into four groups. Three of these factions are clearly defined organisations, the Forgery, the Tankers and the The Network, and the fourth consists of everyone else in the town. Personal relationships can of course run counter to group politics and members of one faction may have different opinions to each on any number of subjects but in general when push comes to shove most will support each other against the others.

When creating your PC the first thing to do is to create a concept of who your character is. This can be any sort of idea from which the character is inspired and should always be referred back to when considering later elements of the character creation. Then you should expand that concept to describe the important aspects of the character.  This can include notes on their origin, on their relationships to other characters, their motivations, ideals, beliefs, hopes, doubts, fears and regrets. You are encouraged to read through the available documents and work with other players and Organisers to ensure your character will fit into the post-apocalyptic world of Avos. Following this background work on who your character is you complete the character by following the steps outlined in  the character creation setting.

Playing your character involves representing it within the community of Avos. You should do your best to wear costume appropriate to the setting as well as use accessories that suit. We encourage a high standard of costume and there are many resources to assist you in creating a look that you can be proud of.  Given that a game runs for more than one day and weather is variable we encourage you to consider changes of clothes for your character as well as appropriate gear for them to survive. Remember that resources are limited and as such no one should have too much gear.

In addition to preparing the personal costume and gear for your character it is encouraged that players will assist their faction in producing props, set dressing, lighting and other help as required in order to make the game as immersive as possible. The Organiser team will be providing much of this but may ask for a little help from time to time for specific elements. As a PC ticket does cost real world money to purchase there is no requirement to contribute to these community activities but in our LARP careers players who get involved in building the game world tend to have a more complete player experience.