NPC Details

Being a non-player character (NPC) gives you two major benefits over a Player Character;

  • Flexibility of Role
  • Choice.

With these in mind how you approach the game will be based a lot on the choices you make.

Regardless of which NPC group you are with remaining active and in communication with other members not only allows you to stay aware of the game as it approaches, but also allows you to plan better and more interesting encounters. It could be the difference between playing a stumbling zombie thirty times or mixing it up with emotional encounters, climactic boss battles and stealth missions.

When it comes to game day your requirements are also flexible. The initial gameplay mechanics workshops are important since it allows you a practical experience of most rules-heavy aspect of your interaction with the players. However the rest of the game up until 18:00 is preparation and getting settled in for the weekend. This enables plenty of time for you to set up your OOC supplies, last minute costume preparations and go off site for supplies.

The friday night of game is likely to be some of the most chaotic as new characters are introduced and the systems of management for the town take a moment to whirr into life. This is your chance to make an immediate impact when the players will likely be the least prepared. With that in mind, spending some part of Friday organising scenes for the night would be a good idea.

All of this is in aid of providing a gripping world for the players and you to experience over the course of the weekend. And of course to earn points.

For each character type and/or encounter there will be goal cards available which detail the basic information for the character you are representing and its goals.  These are guidelines and you can personalise them to some degree but any major deviation should be discussed before bringing it into game, particularly with the storyteller of your faction.

It is entirely OK for you to spend a little time playing a character type from another non-resident faction if desired but make sure you fully understand the role you are playing.

See you there!