Long Term Trauma


# Long Term Trauma
1 Character has a complete and total recovery and is the stronger for it. They gain 1 additional maximum cool.
2 You develop a physical or verbal tic that helps your character maintain their equilibrium. Lose 1 permanent cool.
3 Develop a phobia based on how you lost your final point of cool. Lose 1 permanent cool.
4 Develop a phobia based on how you lost your final point of cool. Lose 1 permanent cool.
5 Develop a phobia based on how you lost your final point of cool. Lose 1 permanent cool.
6 The character falls back on a series of debilitating routines when under serious amounts of stress. These compulsions may not be dangerous but are likely interrupting and irritating. Lose 1 permanent cool.
7 Your character seeks stability through alcohol. Your character can only regain cool through alcohol. Lose 2 permanent cool.
8 Your character finds no rest from sleep either due to a lack of it or from chronic nightmares. You never regain cool overnight from sleeping. Lose 2 permanent cool.
9 The character suffers selective amnesia to protect themselves from harmful memories. You lose the use of a general skill. Lose 2 permanent cool.
10 The character becomes increasingly paranoid and sees enemies everywhere. Over time this worsens. The character begins to see everyone in their faction as enemies. Lose 3 permanent cool.
11 The character suffers a crisis of identity. Your previous life is horrifying to you. You lose access to your specialist skill. Lose 3 permanent cool.
12 The character is on a thin edge of sanity. Inform an ST and you will be given a instability deck. Draw from this deck hourly until you draw a ‘break’. This instantly reduces your cool to 0 and you suffer a mental breakdown. This does not cause you to suffer a risk of additional trauma. Lose 4 permanent Cool.

A character can only gain one Long Term Trauma a  day even if they are reduced to 0 cool again. A character recovers from a single Long Term Trauma between each game. The player can choose to have the trauma continue to have residual effects for role play purposes.

Treatment of a Long Term Trauma by a Specialist Counsellor temporarily suspends its effect.  The first session is a “diagnostic session”. The patient and the counsellor spend 1 cool and at the end of 15 minutes of interaction the Counsellor is ready to treat the patient. The diagnostic session is not needed if the Counsellor originally treated the character after they reached 0 Cool. Treatment sessions cost the Counsellor 1 cool, take at least 10 minutes and once completed the effects of the Trauma are suspended for the rest of that day. On subsequent days only a treatment session for that trauma in that character by that Counsellor is required.