Life / Death

Avoss is a game in which your character will likely have their life threatened more than once. Understanding how this plays is important and if you’re only going to read two sections of this document, have it be this and the character creation system.

Characters have Hitpoints and Cool.

Characters can be struck in the limbs and torso with melee weapons. These are legal melee strike zones. This does not include the groin or neck.

Ranged strike zones are the same but also include the head.

When a character runs out of Hitpoints they become Wounded

Wounded characters can stumble, crawl, occasionally call for help but are generally helpless.

Characters may wear Armour. If struck on their armour, the character takes one less damage than usual, to a minimum of 0.

If a character is Wounded and takes further damage they begin bleeding out.

If nothing else occurs a character who is bleeding out will die after two minutes. 

Anyone can pause someones bleeding out timer by providing first aid at the cost of 1 cool per two minutes.

Characters may execute characters who are bleeding out.  Executing requires the character spend at least 5 uninterrupted seconds killing the bleeding out character. That character then dies.

Generally, a strike in close combat deals 1 point of damage unless you feel like the strike was particularly heavy or dangerous. In  this circumstance the strike would deal 2 points of damage.  For example a violent two-handed swing of a sledge hammer would likely deal 2 damage, whereas a backhand swipe from a bear might only be light damage.

Avoss uses NERF weapons to simulate firearms. These weapons should be painted and modified to fit the games theme. Modifying weapons to fire faster or further is allowed. Incorporating eye protection into your costume is recommended but not required.

NERF Weapons firing standard or ELITE darts deal 1 damage.

NERF weapons firing MEGA darts or RIVAL balls deal 2 damage

If a dart or ball is not readily felt, it is assumed to have missed. In world these weapons are either ramshackle or in poor condition, thus explaining their temperamental nature. When in doubt shoot for center mass and shoot plenty.

Characters who die should proceed directly to the holding area outside the game area to meet with a storyteller to work on their new character or some other re-entry to the game with an Organiser.