Josef waited patiently for Alexis to return.   He gritted his teeth when a wave of pain threatened to overwhelm him.  The surgeon had told him to press a bundle of white cloth into the wound on his leg while he went for supplies.  That was minutes ago.   It felt like hours, but without options, Josef waited.
Finally the door swung open.  Alexis carried nothing new but strode confidently to his patient and, after dipping his hands in a bowl of steriliser, pulled aside the swabs and Josef’s hands.  A brief spurt of bright red blood splattered his face and the ceiling without dissuading him. He resumed exploring the wound, clamped a perforated vessel and expertly bound it with a ligature.  Accompanied by Josef’s pained grunts Alexis flushed the wound and quickly stitched torn flesh.  Sighing he shook his head, turned and made his way back to the bar.  There would be more injuries to treat.

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